Network Testimonials

“I had no idea I could get any of this from a chiropractor”

There are 4 progressing levels, also known as seasons in Network Care:


We’ve labeled the testimonials based on the season the practice member was experiencing.

After I had been coming in 3 times a week for about two months, I noticed that I started to feel more outgoing. I’m not as shy. This is helping in the friend department.  —Discover Care with Cami  11y.o.

Our whole family works better together since we started Network care. What I notice the most is that Dad has been a lot calmer. After long days of work he used to be tired and grumpy, but now he is not like that at all. He is himself. It is so nice. With Mom, what I notice is pretty much the exact same thing. I find it’s a lot nicer too. “  —Transform Care with Cami. 11y.o.

“I had pretty much eliminated all the things I love from life because of the constant pain in my hips and low back. My cousin loves Network so I decided to give it a try. I was intrigued because Dr. Kirsten’s practice takes into consideration the whole self, not just the pain. She really knows what she’s doing and she strives to perfect it every day. She always listens.  After my first entrainment I could tell my body was working. I got such a feeling of well-being when I was on the table. The pain softened and didn’t feel as overwhelming.  Now I can do yard work and yoga without my hips hurting.  I’m getting back to doing all those things I had previously given up. When I do the spinal breathing, it’s like a meditation. I’m learning to heal myself.  Discover Care with S.D.


"I've been thinking about it, and I'd say that since being in Network Care I've been more in touch with my emotions. I've always thought I was an empathetic person, but I am so much more empathetic now. I’m listening to people differently."  Transform Care with M.S.

“About a month into care I noticed that I was sleeping better. Now, I have been coming in for a little over 4 months and I definitely do feel like a different person. I feel more at ease and comfortable with myself. Before I had a sense of urgency hanging over me. I don’t feel that anymore. I feel more confident in myself and I can’t say that is anything I expected. People I’m close to have noticed it too.”  Transform  Care with Judy H

“I just like myself more. I know I am valuable now. Who knew? The spine….after years of therapy this is what opened me to love.”  anonymous

“When I came into the office for my exam and consultation I felt understood. It was as if Dr. Kirsten got me right away even though she didn’t know me. I felt I could trust her to lead me through things I didn’t understand. This was important because there are things about this work that are beyond explanation.”  —Discover Care with Cate 

“I am able to be more of who I am instead of just responding to the stressors in my environment without awareness. “  Transform Care with Cate

Awaken Care is…

LOL!! What’s there to say?

              —Awaken Care with Cate

“I did not come into Sojourn Wellness Center looking to address my emotional life-I came in because shoulder pain was affecting my athletic performance. But, I can say that the emotional benefits have equally matched the physical. I am much more at ease being me. I find myself appreciating everything I have, and instead of just saying that, I really feel it and mean it.  Oh- and my shoulder pain is gone too!“  —Discover Care with C.W.

“GI pain was why I first started Network Care-but now it has nothing to do with why I come back! My GI pain turned out to be a gift and a teacher. There is such a door opening to potential that I didn’t even know I had. The excitement of this journey to find myself and BE myself is beyond words. It’s just huge!!
I always protected my heart in the past. I wasn’t going to trust this world or the people in it. Now I am excited about feeling my heart.
What goes on at Sojourn Wellness Center is such a great process, and it is nice that it is a process. Each level is a whole new experience-I just love it.
It is amazing that I am 62 and I am letting go of this armored and controlled body. That I now have a whole new perception of life is beyond exciting for me. What a gift!!”  —Transform Care with Cathy H.

Awaken Care is…
Woaahhhh wow wow wow
Incredible  Unbelievable
It’s real love
               —Awaken Care with Cathy H.

I had a knot in the back of my neck for months. My sister had been suggesting I see Dr. Kirsten  (but I never made an appointment). Then I started experiencing a sharp pain under my shoulder blade that had me in tears. I finally decided I needed to get some care.
At first I was skeptical, but Dr. Kirsten told me the same things about my body that my other doctors needed x-rays to discover. It may seem impossible, but I felt better right after my first entrainment-and the lump in my neck disappeared within six months of seeing her.
 I still get adjusted every week.  I know that once a week I have a place to go to release negative energy. I feel like a part of the family when I go to see her. She’s a sweet spirit; easy to talk to, yet still professional. I always know she is going to help me be my best. Her adjustments are so gentle; I wasn’t expecting such huge results from such gentle touches.”  —Discover Care with S. R.

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen.
I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others. “ —Anthony Robbins

“I was diagnosed in the 4th grade with severe scoliosis. They wanted me to wear a back brace for 4 years, 23hrs a day. I hated that thing!!
When I was only 26years old there was suddenly a deep pinching like a knife in my back. The things I did just to get up and take care of my kids was beyond most people’s imaginations.  I kept thinking, “I can’t go on like this.”
An acquaintance noticed I was walking strange and she asked me what was wrong. I told her scoliosis and she said, “I have a friend that you need to see.”
I liked being at Sojourn Wellness Center and I liked my first entrainment but I needed a strong sign that this was worth the money. The day after I saw Dr. K my family worked in the yard cutting down 3 trees. Typically this would have me flat on my back. This time I was okay! My mom and my husband noticed too. This was the sign I needed. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to afford it but Sojourn has different payment plans and one worked for me.
After about 2 months I noticed that I can stand up straighter and I am not so crooked when I look in the mirror. My pain is not as intense and goes away more easily when I get flared up. In this last week I had no pain at all!”  —Discover Care with Serena

“Now I have so much more confidence. I know that if I start to hurt I can do something about it myself. The things Dr. K has said to me about the process have been really, really helpful.
I didn’t expect that being entrained would have such a positive effect on my self-confidence. I am pursuing new people and new things and I don’t feel scared anymore. I’m taking steps towards a new career as a Real Estate Agent instead of worrying about back pain all day. I just feel endless possibilities.  Discover Care helped me learn about my back and Transform Care is helping me get into a whole new life.  —Transform Care with Serena

Awaken Care is…

I NEVER would have thought I would feel something like this.

               —Awaken Care with Serena

“When my daughter Faith was two years old, she was very pigeon-toed. She was tripping a lot and it was affecting her ability to walk. I was seeing Dr. Kirsten for chiropractic, so my mother suggested I take Faith to see her as well. I didn’t know if Dr. K would see a child as young as Faith. She said, “YES”.
Well, it was love at first sight for the two of them. They bonded right away. Dr. Kirsten was incredible with Faith and Faith adored her. The first time Dr. Kirsten held her she touched a knot on Faith’s spine and it melted away. I was sold that minute.
Now Faith walks and runs without falling. You can see the progress in her feet and legs; it’s really changed her little body. My advice to anyone thinking about getting his or her child Network Care is to make the commitment. It won’t happen overnight, but Dr. K is just an amazing lady and her results prove it.“  —Discover Care with S.R for Faith

When I started getting heavier and heavier with anxiety as high school approached Mom thought it would be a good idea to see Dr. Kirsten.
I noticed right away that there is a lot of calm energy around Dr. Kirsten and in her office. Dr. Kirsten brought a different self out of me right away. It was like my spirit was trapped and right away it was able to open up. It was abrupt how different the kind of doctor she is compared to what I was used to.
In the first month of seeing Dr. Kirsten I was able to focus more on schoolwork, or my chores. My transition to high school was definitely easier. I just accepted that there were some challenges in that new change. Coming to see Dr. Kirsten reminds my body to stay in the present and not worry about the future."  —Discover Care with Hollie 14 y.o

“After seeing Dr. Kirsten for the last 7 months, I feel that I have strategies that give me more strength over my brain. I can’t believe how much less anxious I am. I am more free. I know I could still be a lot more patient, but my patience has gotten better too. I thought this was just normal chiropractic. It is just so weird that now our whole family is getting along better. There is so much more positive energy in the house, it is harder to get mad at each other anymore.“  —Transform Care with Hollie 14y.o

“Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of “body” work in our time; the leading edge of body-mind-spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.”  –Candace Pert PhD

Neuroscientist and Author of “Molecules of Emotion” “Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d”

“After about the third week of care, I began to feel like I was more able to achieve what I want to achieve in my life. I already had a clear direction for myself-but something was stopping me from moving forward until I started getting my spine checked. I now have more energy for myself. I continue to get adjusted because it is really helping me with that.“  —Discover Care with J.H.

“From the time that my son was born he was always on the verge of an explosion. Traditional doctors had no advice about what was wrong  or how to fix it. Now we drive an hour each way to see Dr. Kirsten because it seems to be working. I will say that we would not be coming back for just a vague positive effect. My son’s meltdowns are much less frequent. He is much more snuggly. He wants to cuddle now, that was never something he wanted in the past, even as an infant.  I don’t know how she does what she does- but it really really works! I have been shouting it from the rooftops, “go see this lady, she can really help people”.  —Discover Care with Amber S. for her son

I had been troubled with back pain for 20 years. I initially came to Sojourn Wellness Center because my friend was seeing Dr. K and reported terrific progress. I was curious about the holistic process at Sojourn.
I felt comfortable first of all because the ambiance at the wellness center is very beautiful. I felt at ease with Dr. Kirsten and I really enjoyed her sense of humor.
My back pain was gone as I walked out of the wellness center after my first entrainment. It was just gone. That afternoon I went home and slept for 2 hours. My back pain does ebb and flow still, when I hurt it is for hours instead of for days. It is so much more manageable-that is wonderful.
I loved experiencing Level 1 Discover Care because it was great training for everything.”  —Discover Care with J

This is impeccable warrior work. And honestly it is not for babies-if you know what I mean.
I have noticed a resistance at times in wanting to come. This is something I have noticed in other areas of life too. I have fear and trust issues that Dr. Kirsten has supported me in very nicely. I appreciate the way she has gone about it. Dr. K is stronger than she looks in a whole lot of ways. It is like being held by Zena!
Some people may need to work with someone who is less of a warrior. Dr. K holds you accountable in a very lovely way. I have always felt confident under her care. That confidence is a must and it is totally there for me.
As I move through Level 2, Transform Care I feel more whole, more centered and more joyful than I have in my whole life. Every second feels more precious and more alive. My attitude is very different and that makes my whole life different. I feel beautiful."  Transform Care with J

Awaken Care is…

It’s just the truth
              —Awaken Care with J


“Dr. Kirsten is very dedicated, enthusiastic, understanding, intuitive and a healer. I think she is a healer. “  j.h.


“Network Care inspires us to trust the healing power within.”  —Deepak Chopra, MD


Nutrition Response Testing

“A positive outcome from the Nutrition program is how little my allergies bother me now. I’ve taken allergy medication since I was a child-I’ve even done the shots. Usually I’m still a mess during allergy season. Now that I’m taking whole food supplements I’ve had the best allergy season I’ve ever had-ever. And, I no longer take any other allergy meds of any kind! ”   —Ray

“I started a Nutrition Response Testing program with Dr. Kirsten because I was looking for an alternative way to deal with depression. The reflex testing found I needed support for my thyroid and adrenal glands from whole food supplements, as well as a heavy metals detox. I was also told to reduce sugar from my diet. The first thing I noticed was how much my energy level increased. Dr. Kirsten is warm, inviting, and really listens. She works to find a regimen that I am comfortable with, not just what she wants. Overall, I feel more stable and grounded. Plus I’ve come to understand that my depression may not be only emotional. That’s really empowering.“ Anonymous

“I was experiencing extreme fatigue, wheezing, and coughing. The MD told me that I had adult-onset asthma and that I’d need an inhaler for the rest of my life. The inhaler made me feel awful-edgy and shaky- and it didn’t even work!  My nutrition program focused on lung and nerve function and I had to eliminate dairy and sugar. I didn’t like hearing that-but I did it. After about one month there was a really noticeable difference in all of my symptoms. After 4 months I don’t have any signs of asthma. Recently I climbed Nob Hill in San Francisco. I just walked up that hill while everyone else huffed and puffed!”  R. P.


“My son Joseph got pneumonia and we were treating him conventionally with his MD but he just wasn’t getting better. It was scary. The MD suggested that possibly allergies were contributing so he was also put on Benadryl.  My energetic son spent the summer so drugged up he barely got off the couch. Plus he was still sick-it made me feel sick! I don’t like the drug route for my family but we thought there wasn’t a choice.
I see Dr. K and she asked me if she could see what she could do for Joe.
I wish we’d done that sooner! She tested him and found whole food supplements to support his Thymus. She explained that would support his immune system naturally. We saw an immediate improvement and long story short it was no time before he was off all meds and outside playing again. This approach is so much more aligned with how I want to take care of my family. Bless you guys!!”   —P.G for her son Joseph

For years I had experienced chronic digestive pain, but suddenly the pain became debilitating.  My regular doctor was not helpful. I felt I needed an alternative to the western medical view to figure out what was going on with me. I had been seeing Dr. Kirsten for Network chiropractic, so I already trusted her. I’m now following a nutrition protocol to address heavy metals in my system and gluten sensitivity. My symptoms have improved tremendously- I’m happy to say they are pretty much gone- after years and years. I’ve had many unexpected benefits too. For instance, I had been feeling sluggish and tired. I thought it was just from getting older, but it was really because something was out of balance. Now I am much more focused on what I eat, I see how what I’m putting into my body makes a big difference in how I feel. ” S.D.

“Dr. Kirsten educated me on what supplements to take so I didn’t have to go through the trial-and-error of picking out supplements on my own at a store. She knows what she’s doing so I didn’t feel like a guinea pig.”

“I had been dealing with severe and long-standing food allergies which had progressively taken over my life. Due to all my dietary restrictions I couldn’t eat with friends. I would get major headaches, and suffered intense mood swings. My nose was constantly runny. I tried cleanses and elimination diets- anything that promised relief. Nothing worked. I finally ended up in the emergency room with extreme symptoms: high fever, sweating, uncontrollable shaking, soreness in my spine. They thought I had meningitis, but I tested negative. That was when I knew I had to try something totally new.

Through Nutritional Response Testing I found out that parasites were affecting my body’s ability to heal. I started a whole food supplement protocol to support my immune system to combat this challenge and I immediately felt things shift. My headaches and my nasal drip cleared up. Best of all, my allergies went away. It’s been an extreme change. I can eat gluten now. I have re-discovered pizza! It’s been a huge—and wonderful—shift. My friends can’t believe what I can eat now.

Through the whole experience—which lasted 9 months—Dr.Kirsten stuck with me, which helped me to stick to the program myself. She has a softness which evolves into a professional sternness when I need help keeping with the protocol.  She was able to be present and trust my body even when I haven’t trusted my body. It’s nice to have someone believe in my body again.” J. M.

I wanted to get my body ready for pregnancy.  Dr. Kirsten was so good —with humor and softness— holding me accountable for taking part in my own healing. I also really appreciated how much she taught me about my body. She’s magical and really knows her stuff.

My nutrition protocol included support for my kidneys, thyroid, and adrenal system. After the first week I noticed my nails got stronger and my hair got shiny. It made me really excited to see how quickly my body was responding. Even though I’ve never been a real “pill person”, the supplements seemed to give me more energy and balance. I was sleeping more soundly, I felt more confident and positive, and I started experiencing a greater connection with myself emotionally. Each step in the process led to the next in a way that allowed me to witness how my body works.
What I didn’t expect was how the nutrition program took me beyond my original goal of pregnancy to a place of looking at the deeper issues inside me. It really helped me make space for a new person to enter my life.”   —S.M.

“I’ve always been very health conscious, but at 37 years-old, I noticed my energy and vitality waning for no obvious reason. I started to experience insomnia, hair loss, and acne. My regular doctor couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong and just advised me to start taking ant-depressants. I did cleanses and went to a naturopath to try to address the problem; neither helped. I saw Dr. Kirsten’s muscle testing description at an event she donated to and it sounded very holistic so I decided to try it.

After the first few weeks of my customized nutrition program and heavy metals detox , I started sleeping better and had more energy. I also experienced a lot of emotional upheaval during that time and Dr. Kirsten was always very available to me. She checked in with me often and was very good at preparing me for the things I would experience next. I felt like we were in this thing together.

Now I am sleeping soundly, I have no hair loss, and my skin has cleared up. I even lost fifteen pounds. Moreover, I feel much more in tune and in touch with my body. I trust my ability to tell when something’s off and I know I can get support in a natural way. People keep telling me I look younger and vibrant, and really, that’s how I feel. I feel very grateful I found Sojourn Wellness Center. “ E.C.

“I’ve always struggled with sugar and being addicted to it.  I realized I needed to start taking care of my nutrition.

I was skeptical at first but I let Dr. K do her thing. My nutrition protocol included detoxing heavy metals as well as fungus, it also focused on supporting my liver. I did a two-month detox and definitely felt a difference. Sugar has less of a hold on me; I feel more choice in what I eat. I feel more balanced and have learned a lot about how what I eat affects me.

Dr. Kirsten was open to hearing my whole medical history, which is rather extensive. She was very welcoming, understanding, and extremely compassionate. When I had questions, I’d email her and she’d get back to me within 12 hours. To have that access to my practitioner is so important to me. I love that she’s also a Network Chiropractor because now when I do an entrainment with her, she already knows what’s going on in my body. “ C.M.

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