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Network Care Q&A

Nutrition Response Testing Q&A

Network Care Q&A

What conditions/symptoms can you help me with?

Whatever has brought you this far, we’re glad you made it.  Welcome.
At Sojourn Wellness Center we delight in making a positive change in what you expect from a “therapeutic” approach.
When you think about it, we usually go to a doctor wanting something to be “fixed” -so we can get right back to the life we’ve been living.   At Sojourn Wellness Center we hold pain as a calling from your body/mind/spirit for change and growth. Our unique process of releasing tension from your spine can help raise your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being to a level that exceeds anything you’ve experienced before.  If that sounds impossible right now, we understand. That’s what we are here to help you with.

Most people contact us because:

    •    You hurt yourself or suddenly notice pain in your neck, back, or body
    •    You’ve been suffering with recurring pain for years
    •    You are under a lot of pressure and you feel overworked and overwhelmed
    •    Life requires you to be able to focus instead of feeling so scattered

Relationships ( Yes! Our programs can help to promote positive changes in this area.)
    •    You are not currently in a relationship and want to be in one
    •    You are looking to feel more connected with your partner
    •    You need to make changes but something is holding you back

    •    You are interested in peak performance
    •    You are at a crossroads and looking for support
    •    You are feeling depressed, frustrated or unhappy

    •    You are familiar with the benefits of Network Care and want the best for your child
    •    You are concerned for your child: allergies, emotional health, school performance, ADD, ADHD, and ect.

What can I expect from my first Network visit?

The  “Discover Network Wellness” new patient exam package consists of two, one hour-long visits. Ask us about the savings you can have on this initial exam, and don't forget to see the New Patient Form
In the first visit, we will hear about what brings you in and do a health history consultation.  You will be fully clothed for the exam while the doctor evaluates your posture, spine and muscle tension, as well as breathing patterns. 
In your second visit the doctor will give you a complete report of your exam findings. This includes the doctor’s recommendations in terms of frequency, duration of care, and cost of care. 

Why is a Network adjustment called an “entrainment”?

The Network adjustment is called an “entrainment” because that term most accurately describes what is occurring for the person on the table. If something is entraining that means it is getting in synch. During your Network entrainment a wave-like deepening of your breath and subtle rocking of your spine will synchronize to help your body release tension it is holding.  
Network spinal entrainment has been shown to help the central nervous system “reorganize” and allow your brain body connection to be more in synch.  A typical visit lasts about 20 minutes and will leave you feeling more relaxed, energized and at peace.

What results can I expect right away?

You can expect to feel immediately more relaxed and loose after your first “entrainment”.  You may notice that your breathing becomes deeper and easier too. In most cases, your pain and tension will be reduced within a short time.
This is just the beginning. As your body shifts out of fight or flight mode, you’ll notice a sense of inner calm and peace. This allows you to feel more resourceful and less reactive, with more mental clarity. As the “Respiratory Wave” pleasantly unwinds tension in your spine you will notice more flexibility and fluidity. Many practice members tell us they have to adjust their rear view mirror because they get taller.

How often will I need to come in to get results?

At your “Discover Network Wellness” report of clinical findings your practitioner will make recommendations for visit frequency based on your goals, current lifestyle, and your body’s current condition.
Our basic program consists of 24 visits over a 10-12 week period.  Our intermediate program consists of 48 visits over a 6 month period and our advanced program consists of 72 over 9-12 months.
During your initial visits we’ll evaluate your situation together and decide which program is the best fit. Or, we’ll create a customized program to meet your specific needs.

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(510) 238-8505

What scientific evidence do you have that your methods work?

A retrospective study of over 2,800 people conducted through UC Irving Medical College documented significant improvements in the majority of people.
The wave patterns that occur during a Network entrainment are the ongoing focus of Edmund Jonckheere PhD at USC’s Department of Engineering.
More about The Science behind Network Care.

How can I participate in my care to get well faster?

Honestly, the most important thing you can do is commit to your care and follow through! The wellness programs we offer are progressing processes. We offer education and support for you along the way. In most people’s cases there are points of discomfort and questioning.  This is also a hallmark of transformation and change and the best time to keep showing up. We’ve been there too and we are here for you along the way!

What’s the chance that this approach will work for me?

We’ve worked with thousands of people and in most cases people feel positive changes within the first several visits. Our state licensing board doesn’t permit us to guarantee results regarding specific symptoms, but we do guarantee that you will be treated like family here. If the unique and vibrant culture of our office feels like a fit to you, you’ll know it

How much will it cost?

The  “Discover Network Wellness” new patient exam package consists of two, one hour-long visits. Ask us about the savings you can have on this initial exam, and don't forget to see the New Patient Form
 If you choose to continue care with us, our wellness programs are affordable, especially when you consider the potential cost of not doing anything proactive about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.  If your insurance covers Chiropractic we will provide you with a “Super Bill” to send to your company for reimbursement.

Can I do Network Care AND Nutrition Response Testing?

Absolutely Yes! In fact, the majority of our practice members are utilizing both of these powerful modalities to maximize their health. We offer bonus services to those who want to try both to make it more affordable.

Nutrition Response Testing Q&A

What symptoms can Nutrition Response Testing help with?

Here is a partial list of discomforts what may be related to nutritional deficiency:
Acne  •  Adrenal fatigue  •  Allergies  •  Anxiety  •  Blurry vision  •  Bronchial conditions  •  Circulation problems  •  Colitis  •  Constipation  •  Cough  •  Decreased Libido  •  Depression  •  Diarrhea  •  Fatigue  •  Foggy thinking  •  Frequent Illness  •  Gas  •  GERD  •  Headaches  •  Heartburn  •  Heavy Metal Toxicity  •  High Blood Pressure  •  Hypo- or hyper-thyroid  •  Infertility  •  Insommnia  •  Menstruation difficulties  •  Mood Swings  •  Persistent Rash  •  PMS  •  Prostate trouble  •  Sugar Cravings  •  Weight gain  •  Yeast infections

What can I expect at my first Nutrition visit?

The first visit is one hour and fifteen minutes. First there is twenty minutes of paperwork. To start the exam we connect you to our “Health Express”, a non-invasive computerized assessment that will measure your overall health and physiological age of your body. Next the doctor will discuss your health history and your main concerns and goals. From there you will experience your first Nutrition Response Testing analysis.  
The cost of the first visit includes a complete report of the doctor’s clinical findings. The Report of Findings occurs on the second visit. At this visit you get a personalized written report to read through. It includes all of your exam findings, recommendations for whole food supplements, dietary recommendations, follow up care plan, and cost of care. Next the doctor will go over the whole report with you and answer any questions that you have.  
If it all sounds good to you and you would like to get started on your Customized Clinical Nutrition program you may elect to have your first visit at this time. During the first visit we customize the doses of your recommended supplements and give you more details on when and how to properly take your program. 
*At the Report of Findings, if Dr. Kirsten does not find you are a good candidate to be helped by this approach she will explain why and make appropriate referrals.

3201 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94602

(510) 238-8505

How soon will I see improvement?

Although every case is different, we often hear enthusiastic reports from patients in as little as 4-6 weeks. The fastest recoveries are often from those who have most closely adhered to their recommended program including dietary choices.

I’ve read research that says supplements don’t work, what do you think of that?

This is true. Synthetic supplements are challenging for the body to absorb and can put your health even more out of balance.

What about “Natural” Vitamins? Aren’t they good?

Keep in mind that a supplement only needs some ingredients to be “natural” to earn this label.  At Sojourn Wellness Center we believe that food is your body’s best medicine.  We recommend supplements that are whole food concentrates from Standard Process.

It’s called Nutrition Response Testing, what are you testing for?

We are testing neurological reflexes. All bodily functions, organs, glands, joints and muscles are included. Based on the strength, or lack of strength in the reflex, the doctor can map out where your body is stressed and needing support.

How do you get the body’s “reflex” information?

Reflex points are tested on the surface of the body. Your practitioner will contact your extended arm and the reflex being tested. If the organ being tested is stressed, your nervous system will reduce bio-energy from the muscle of your extended arm. The energy will be sent to the site of the stressed organ instead, causing your extended arm to weaken.
It works like this: when a person gets very cold the body shunts blood and bio-energy towards the most vital organs in an innate effort to maintain life. Fingers and toes are left vulnerable to frostbite. Similarly, the muscle of your extended arm is not your body’s first priority in the moment that the doctor has found a more vital part of you that needs support.
When the underlying cause of the dysfunction is corrected using proper whole food nutrition, the “weak” muscle becomes strong again.

How can I participate to get well faster?

We find that the people who get the best results are the ones who follow their “program” closely. This includes recommended office visits, making dietary changes as much as possible, and taking nutritional supplements as recommended.

What’s the chance that this approach will work for me?

The first thing we need to do is determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Nutrition Response Testing. This is accomplished during your first two visits. If we determine that you are a good match for this approach, then it is our experience that you will be happy with the results. Our best recommendation is to come on in and check it out. 

How much will it cost?

The new patient exam package includes the exam, health history consultation, and Report of Findings. The cost is $250.  (60% discount if you sign up today, a $150 savings. See the New Patient Form)
As for follow-up visits there are several payment plans that have a price range between $46.75-55.00 per visit.
The cost of supplements is very reasonable as compared to your favorite local health food store. Supplements run an average of $60-100 per month.

Which approach is better for me, Nutrition Response Testing or Network Care?

Many folks know what services they are interested in when they call for their new patient exam.  If you aren’t sure-don’t sweat it! Just let our office manager know you’d like some guidance. When you come in for your exam you and Dr. K will figure out together what approach will get your where you want to go the most efficiently.

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