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PRESENCE: The EpiEnergetics Experience, short film

You have an opportunity to watch an incredible new film titled “PRESENCE- The EpiEnergetics Experience,” produced by Emmy award winner, Topaz Adizes. This short takes you behind the scenes of Dr. Donny Epstein’s “The Transformational Gate,” a 3 day program offered several times a year, each one with hundreds of participants. Over 30 years ago, Dr. Epstein began studying energy and how it affects human beings, as he developed Network Spinal Analysis, a chiropractic technique that releases blocked energy. It’s the kind of chiropractic care of which you can take advantage at Sojourn Wellness Center and other Network Chiropractic offices throughout the world. Network Spinal Analysis is the catalyst that can take you to a place of optimal health.

Your body, your mind, our spirit and your soul are all interconnected with an energy network that is truly phenomenal. Its source is in your brain, travels through your spinal column to your organs and to every cell in your body. When the energy is flowing freely, all is optimal with your body soul and spirit. 

Your energy can be blocked, though, due to stress, physical and psychological trauma and fearfulness. Your blocked energy results in illness, pain, despondency and a variety of other physical, mental and spiritual maladies. 

In this video, you’ll see how Dr. Donny helps patients unblock the trapped energy in their systems, so they can begin to really live again and obtain optimal health.

You can watch the short (13 minute) film at Then arrange your FREE consultation at Sojourn Wellness Center to find out whether Network Spinal Analysis is the right fit for your health journey. You can call (510) 238-8500 to arrange a time for your consult!

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Drs. Kirsten Perkins & Joie Mazor

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