Naturally Boost Your Immune System for "Flu Season"

(This is an article published in Piedmont Post Dec 2015 - Supporting our immune system is relevant no matter what time of year! Hope you enjoy!)

Instead of thinking the flu has a “season,” we think of all the ways your immune system is additionally taxed this time of year, making you vulnerable to getting sick.

At Sojourn Wellness Center we are committed to adding value to your life and health naturally. Here are six simple suggestions to increase joy during the holidays and boost your immune system.

Honor the Season

Early sundown brings us shorter days and a natural invitation for more rest. When you let yourself align with the season’s rhythm your body will thank you. 


We know this, yet it bears repeating, regular exercise is practically a miracle drug for the mind, body and spirit. Sometimes people feel too worn down, or frazzled to exercise. If this is the case with you please know it can change!

Your body needs to be built up and supported first; otherwise exercise is just another stressor. The first step is finding the under-lying cause, which is often different from person to person.  At Sojourn we don’t ever take a cookie-cutter approach to your care.

Enjoy the Outdoors

More time indoors mean we are exposed to less sun, and less chance for our bodies to produce Vitamin D. We are cooped up inside where more germs congregate. We have so many beautiful open spaces here in Oakland just waiting for you.

Regular Chiropractic Care

Have you ever heard that when you get adjusted your immune system is stimulated to work more efficiently? I am biased towards gentle (no cracking) holistic approaches such as Network Spinal Analysis (which I am trained in) however, this is not everyone’s preference. The key is connecting with a masterful doctor who is kind, caring, honest and living a wellness lifestyle. Give yourself the gift of chiropractic wellness care.

Rejuvenating Bath Ritual

Dissolve ¼ cup sea salt and ¼ cup baking soda in your bath. Adding a few drops of Lavender is lovely. The salt and soda soak is detoxifying and soothing. Follow with coconut oil for your skin and warm fuzzies for your feet.

Limit Sugar

I hate to break it to you; sugar has a negative impact on EVERY part of your body. There is no coincidence that “flu season” starts around Halloween and goes through New Year’s. I know there is big pressure to overindulge this time of year. If you have insatiable sugar cravings this may be due to an underlying nutritional deficiency. We can investigate this with you at Sojourn if you want to get to the bottom of your sugar cravings.

 Lots of love & radiant well-being. 

~Dr. Kirsten Perkins, DC



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