It is gorgeous here in Oakland and summer vacations are on the horizon. Before we get into the important task of protecting you from the sun- did you know that sunshine is the best source of a very important vitamin, Vitamin D3?  We recommend 10-20 minutes of full body sun exposure daily for maximum Vitamin D3 production. If you are fair skinned 10 minutes will do the trick.

Here at Sojourn Wellness Center we have a protocol to prepare your skin for fun in the sun. This program does not replace sunscreen- it is additional support to maximize the health of your skin and natural Vitamin D production. Taking Cataplex F perles and Calcium Lactate about one month before you plan to increase your sun exposure will help to prepare your skin. We can check you for these products at your next visit if you are spending a lot of your time in the sun.

Once you are out of the sun Raw Virgin Coconut Oil can be applied topically and will help your skin look and feel great. Coconut Oil is also a natural sunscreen with an SPF 4.  You can also take extra Calcium Lactate if you have gotten burned. As always, Organic Pure Aloe Vera can helps to soothe skin.

When it comes to sunscreen please use one that doesn’t contain aluminum, Paraben, or Oxybenzone. Spray-on sunscreens or ones with an SPF over 50 are also on the "no" list.
At Sojourn we trust Environmental Working Group's Guide to Sunscreen to keep us current with the healthiest brands on the market. Have fun! 


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